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Seasonal Home Maintenance

home maintenance

Ways to prep your home for seasonal weather

Many people love the coming of the seasonal weather. Fall and winter make for some of the best family gatherings. People love to see the leaves change color in the fall and the smells bring back memories. You can be in awe of all of that, but if you don’t get your home ready for the seasonal times, it could spell trouble.

In getting ready for the seasonal weather, make sure the gutters on your home are clear. It makes it easier for rain to come off the roof, and it makes your home look good in the process. The main reason, though, for cleaning your gutters, is to reduce the amount of ice build-up that can take place on your roof. Ice is heavy and in large amounts can damage your roof.

Trimming Trees

If you see limbs on your trees that are overhanging power lines, get them trimmed back. Winter brings ice storms, and that heavy ice can break branches. When those branches fall, they can knock out power lines. Just make sure you have a fireplace if that happens.

home repairCheck for drafts

Checking for drafts is important since that is a “wallet-burner”. So much heat is lost in homes from drafts around doors and windows. Using weather-stripping to help keep the warm air in and cold air out.

Add insulation

Adding insulation to your home just makes it easier to keep heat in. Blown insulation is very popular and economical. If you can put up to six inches more in your attics, you’ll be toasty and save money.

Insulate water pipes

Insulating water pipes is just another way to save on your energy bills. So much energy is lost when hot water pipes are exposed to cold air. Just insulate them and you will see the savings!